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What Makes for a Good Life?

In this Tedx talk, Robert Waldinger reveals where you should put your
time and energy if you want to invest in a healthy and happy life.
Robert is a psychiatrist, a Zen practitioner and director of the
Harvard study of Adult Development at Massachusetts General Hospital in
Boston. He teaches at the Harvard Medical School.
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The Law of Vibration Revisited

Two questions are repeatedly voiced about manifestation: What is it and
does it really work? I'll briefly offer my understanding and urge you
to explore and study this phenomenon for yourself. After all,
understanding and raising your awareness are keys to acquiring what you
desire. First question: What is it - (Is it even real)? [...]
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Brain entrainment technology - what's the fuss?

First off, I would like to give credit to Bill Harris, founder of the
Centerpointe Institute, for most of the information in this article. I
chose to represent his explanation and application of the technology of
brain entrainment, as I found it to be most helpful in understanding
how it works and why we should [...]
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Think Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance

Everyone has a right to life, including the right to have unrestricted
use of all the things that may be necessary for our fullest mental,
spiritual and physical unfolding. (Wallace D Wattles, 1910) There is
nothing wrong with wanting to be rich. Sure, money can't buy happiness,
but it can provide freedom and peace of [...]
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The Self-Confidence Formula

"It is not who you are that holds you back, it is who you think you are
not." Sandy Gallagher In my previous career, I suffered from
"imposter syndrome". I discovered later that this was apparently a
common phenomenon in that professionals at some point in their career
experience feelings of inadequacy coupled with [...]
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7 Principles for Wealth Creation

I am a member of three different communities for entrepreneurs. Apart
from the invaluable support of being surrounded by like-minded people
who often hold you to a standard higher than what you perceive yourself
to be at, observing others teaches me so much about the process of
wealth creation. Here's the thing: Everybody may receive [...]
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